Connecting | Listening | Collaborating

Building our capacity to live and work together! 
Learning from our daily life, listening to each other and seeing things from different perspectives.

To play you will need 2-4 people and 15-45 min.

Step 1

Decide who is the first Storyteller.

All the other players are Listeners.

Step 2

The storyteller shares their story to the listeners.

Step 3

At the end of the story the listeners share back. The storyteller receives fresh and unusual information. 

Step 4

The storyteller shares their gratitude and any insights. It’s short and sweet. 

Step 5

Change roles. Decide who is the next storyteller.

Click on the card related to your role for this round…

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Where do the cards come from?

The cards are based on the book Going Horizontal: Creating a Non-hierarchical Organization One Practice at a Time.

Each storytelling card is one of the key domains of living, working and organising: autonomy, purpose, meetings, transparency, decision making, learning and development, relationships and conflict.

The listening lenses are in fact key elements of healthy and conscious collaboration. They can help reveal some subtleties that are going on that we might not notice.

The purpose of the game is to strengthen our consciousness of our social practices of togetherness. This is how we might create a more equitable and sustainable world.

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