Hierarchy in organizations is obsolete. There is a better way!


Going Horizontal: Propelling personal, organizational and system change through practical methods, tools and strategies at the core of collaborative ways of working. It’s an invitation to horizontal leadership!

Are you a purpose-driven individual ready to bring your full self to work? Or an organisation daring to re-think your collaboration model? Then you are in the right place! The Going Horizontal movement is here to support YOU and YOUR mission with experiential Trainings, an international Community of Practitioners and the book Going Horizontal.

The Going Horizontal book is available in English in print, ebook and audio book at your local bookstores.

French and Portuguese versions available soon!

Here’s what readers are saying: “Thoroughly enjoyed reading Going Horizontal. It was particularly great to read a book with useful and immediately applicable activities and exercises to run through – some of which I could do as part of forming my own personal practice, rather than needing the input of a team. Also the doodles in this book are just so, so cute!!”


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Praise for Going Horizontal

For those who feel trapped inside organizations that treat people like morons or machine parts, help is at hand.
Stephen Huddart

CEO and President, McConnell Foundation

Individual practices can shift entire systems – in Going Horizontal, Samantha Slade provides every leader with individualized access points to leverage their unique experience to shift not only their organisation but the entire leadership paradigm.
Susan Basterfield

Future of work thought leader, Author and Enspiral member

Going Horizontal is the product of Ms. Slade’s deft powers of observation and long experience working closely with individuals and organizations on the challenges of the workplace. She asks all the right questions about why our professional environments have gotten out of balance, and offers thoughtful, flexible and practical solutions. This book is for anyone who’s ever wondered what the future of truly fulfilling work could look like.
Melissa Aronczyk

Professor of Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers University

Samantha Slade offers a much needed alternative to our current systems of organizing. Her book is as refreshing as it is personal, and will be indispensable for those looking to bring more humanity into their organizations.
Joel Bothello

Assistant Professor Department of Management, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

Meet the Author

Samantha Slade

Samantha Slade

Author and social designer, co-founder Percolab

Samantha Slade draws from over 20 years of applied ethnographic research growing her own non-hierarchical organization and supporting other organizations in a dozen countries. She has worked with innovative North American start ups to the European Commission. She is equally at ease with ambulance dispatchers and coders as human resource professionals and high level decision makers. She speaks from first hand experience that is relatable and practical.

With a background in Cultural Anthropology and Education, Samantha has been tuned into the subtleties of the way organizations function for a long time. She knows that going horizontal is as much about mindset and culture as it is a structural change. Today, as an international social designer, speaker and consultant Samantha supports teams, organizations and ecosystems to grow their horizontal ways. It doesn’t matter if it is called participatory leadership, co-creation or innovation mindset, it all requires going horizontal.

Sensing the incapacity of dominant organizational models to carry us into our future, Samantha co-founded Percolab, an international co-creation and co-design firm, in 2007. With her colleagues she pioneers culture-driven practices and operational tools for the future of work. Samantha also co-founded one of the first co-working spaces in Canada.

Samantha believes that organizations can and should be a microcosm of the world we want to live in.

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