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13 November 2023
National Museum Of Australia, Lawson Crescent
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2601 Australia
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My greatest learning is that it is possible to be both professional and empathetic. During the Going Horizontal training we talked a lot about feelings and soft values, and for myself as an engineer this is quite foreign. I learnt that there is a place for honest feelings, even in strict processes.

Anton Dalsmo

The Going Horizontal training was a memorable experience that helped me connect with myself and with the other participants in a beautiful, friendly, stimulating and participatory environment. I did not only learn useful techniques for improving co-creative dialogue in decentralized organizations. I  also had the opportunity to reflect on the importance that shared responsibility and accountability play in building trust, coherence and empathy in living human groups where everybody counts.

Enrique Aznar

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Practice based learning

#Walk the talk. 

Going Horizontal trainers commit to teaching what they themselves practice. This means you benefit from skill and nuance of masterful practitioners and real life stories.

#Shared leadership. 

Trainings are run with a team practicing shared leadership, and participants are invited to shape the training and offer activities. In this way you will live a true experience of functioning horizontally.

#Learn by doing.  

First you will experience a practice and afterwards you will unpack the experience, gather learnings and think how you might bring it into your environment.


Trainings are built on positive anecdotes of what is already going well in our environments. This is how we build a change culture and our personal leadership.

Going Horizontal training content

To grow a more equitable and sustainable world we need to engage with power, economics and conflict. Every Going Horizontal course includes something on decision making, new economic practics and relationship and conflict.